Live the excitement of the Christmas Concert in the Vatican combined with sport: this year the first edition of the “Christmas Virtual Race – Run for Charity” is born.


During such a particular year, Prime Time Promotions, in collaboration with the Amateur Sports Association – Corsa dei Santi, decided to combine the usual concert with a moment dedicated to sport and solidarity.


The Christmas Virtual Race – Run for Charity will take place from the 19th to the 6th of January and will support the Missioni Don Bosco Onlus and the Pontifical Foundation Scholas Occurrentes, already promoters of the Christmas Concert in the Vatican. The virtual mode, through an App, will allow runners, who want to participate, to put on their shoes and run along their favorite routes.


The first edition of this sporting event was born in order to strengthen the solidarity projects of the two Foundations and to support the fundraising campaign of the Christmas Concert – to help children and young people all over the world disadvantaged as a result of the educational emergency triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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  • : 19/12/2020 03:00
  • : 19/12/2020 08:00
Ovunque tu voglia RM Italy