The Gourmet Race

Val d'Ultimo is probably one of the most pristine valleys in the Alps. Anyone who wants to experience a piece of real South Tyrol should definitely visit this mountain valley with its high peaks, lonely pastures, traditional fences and picturesque wooden houses . In addition, for those who want to spend a holiday full of movement, the valley hosts the Corsa dei masi every year, a unique event of its kind.

The start and finish of the Corsa dei Masi are in the village of Pracupola in the middle of the valley. The classic route, for the most ambitious runners, leads from Pracupola to Santa Gertrude, along the centuries-old South Tyrolean farmhouses, passing through the three ancient larches of Ultimo and returning to Pracupola. The popular race, on the other hand, leads around the picturesque artificial lake of Zoccolo up to Santa Valburga and then returns to Pracupola. Thanks to the spectacular scenery, this ride leaves wonderful memories for each of the participants.

But what makes the Corsa dei Masi so unique? It is easy to say: the beautiful panoramic route combines sporting ambition with culture and entertainment. Last but not least, the after-race program includes irresistible food stalls with regional delicacies and a varied supporting programme, resulting in a joyful folk festival. A race for lovers of sport and the most enjoyable moments


39016 Pracupola/Kuppelwies/Ulten BZ Italia


  • Classic Race (K): 23/07/2023
  • Popular Race Sport (VS): 23/07/2023
  • Popular Race Hobby (VH): 23/07/2023
  • Guat Gongen (G): 23/07/2023 10:25
  • Special Olympics (SPO): 23/07/2023
  • Corsa Special Olympics Guat Gongen (SPO-G): 23/07/2023 10:25
  • Bambini (S1): 23/07/2023
  • Ragazzi (S2): 23/07/2023
39016 Pracupola/Kuppelwies/Ulten BZ Italia