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Località Pocol 32043 Cortina BL Italy


  • Delicious Trail Dolomiti: 24/09/2022
  • Medium Delicious Trail Dolomiti: 24/09/2022
  • Short Delicious Trail Dolomiti: 24/09/2022
Località Pocol 32043 Cortina BL Italy


Entries are closed: the event ended on date 24/09/2022

Delicious Trail Dolomiti

  • 43K - 3100m D+
    Bookings closed

Medium Delicious Trail Dolomiti

  • 33K - 1890m D+
    Bookings closed
  • Purchase of shuttle service for already registered athletes

    PLEASE NOTE: SHUTTLES for the Medium Delicious Trail
    Reservation and payment must be made by September 21th


    Shuttle services to the places of the Medium Delicious Trail race will be provided. The service is by reservation ONLY and for a fee of 5 euros (round trip).

    The routes are:

    • from Cortina to Badia (way there)
      Only one departure at 7.15 a.m. from the bus station in Cortina, subject to reservation by September 21th. After this date, transport from Cortina to Badia is no longer guaranteed and subject to availability. This ride also stops at 7:30 a.m. in Pocol, at the Hotel Villa Argentina bus stop.
    • from Pocol to Badia (return)
      Three bus rides are scheduled: at 3 p.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

    Payment and reservation on the website, both for those who registered and those who still have to do it.

    Bookings closed

Short Delicious Trail Dolomiti

  • 22K - 1300m D+
    Bookings closed